4 Top Storage Tips For Kids Arts and Crafts

How to store and organise your children’s arts and crafts is an age-old problem. Whether your art area is set up in the living room, bedroom, playroom or office, you will notice the fast disarray that unfolds with each activity.  

Fear not! Some accessible household storage containers and solutions can calm the chaos in any art corner of the house, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money either.

1. Turn Empty Jars Into Colour Coordinated Pencil Organisers

Most parents will know that coloured pencils thrown into cups and holders create more mess when small children hunt for the right colour. This is how pencils end up all over the house and under most of your furniture.

This simple jar and label system allows children to enjoy practising their colour recognition while learning the art of organisation (pun intended). Just save up those empty jars and get yourself some coloured ribbons. The kid’s art area will look organised and visually appealing to everyone. 

2. Use a 3-Tier-Trolley to Organise Art Supplies

These portable storage shelves are popular for all kinds of storage ideas. However, they are now found in many school art rooms around the world. If you are creating a creative corner in your home, you need one of these! They are brilliant. 

This simple trolley will roll in and save you a lot of time and mess when your children are into a project. You can place all the popular art supplies on the top tier shelf for easy access. The lower shelves are perfect for scrap paper, paints, paintbrushes, staplers, tape, glue and all the essentials. 

New house rule: only items in the art trolley can be taken out by small hands. Parents can restock the trolley themselves, avoiding anyone making a mess of the storage shelves.

3. Convert a Portable Wardrobe Rack into an Art Drying Rack

Wet sticky artwork needs to be hung up to dry. Using an adjustable, portable wardrobe  rack makes for a convenient dry and display solution. The stand can be extended to create more height allowing for more hanging lines if you need them.

Extra tip: This solution can also double up as a hanging space for art smocks.

4. Small 41 Plastic Drawer Storage Units Are Perfect For Craft Organisation

If you have been dreaming of organising all the tiny beads, buttons, ribbons, scrap paper, googly eyes and pom poms in your kid’s art collection, you are going to love this Plastic Storage Cabinet.

With 41 little drawers, there are plenty of places to stock all your arts and crafts supplies in this unit. The opaque plastic allows a sneak peek at what is inside, but you can also neatly label each, creating your own unique storage system. 

Do You Have Some Good Tips?

These are just a few storage ideas for the arts and crafts corner in your home. If you have a magical new way to store craft supplies, why not let us know on our Facebook page and share with our online community?!

by Claire Wyndham

Australian content writer, social media manager/designer and charity founder of the Right To Learn Foundation. Claire has run a charity school in Thailand for 6 years, has two children and lives on a small island in the south of Thailand.



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