De-cluttering your Home

De-cluttering your Home

Life is a vicious cycle of accumulating too many things, regretting unwanted purchases, and continuing to buy more. The shopaholic inside you just won’t stop. In this unstoppable cycle, you do some serious damage to your bank account while creating a mess in your home. De-cluttering is a hobby that will help you organize what you own. Once organized the right way, your mind will feel satisfied and hence, the urge to shop more will minimize. Here are some helpful tips that will help you in this process.

Go through your things

The first step is to find time in your schedule to go through the things that you need to de-clutter. Put all your things out on display. Yes, it will get messier before the cleaning process begins. You should go for one room at a time.

Decide what you want to keep

This step is divided in two parts. First of all, the simple part is to throw away everything that you know you don’t want. The more difficult decision is having to throw away something that you’re emotionally attached to. An easy take on this is asking yourself the questions ‘have I used this thing in the past year? Do I see myself using in the coming year?’ This will make it easy for you to come to a conclusion. Another important thing you may forget to consider during is the expiry. No matter how much you love a thing, if it is near its expiry date, throw it away.

The second part is to decide which things you do have to keep, but not in the particular room. A lot of the times, the bedroom or some other room becomes a dumping ground for all things you’re lazy to organize. Put them in their respective rooms to make the next step easy for you. Once all the rooms have piles of things you have to keep and throw, it’s time to move forward.

Choose the right storage furniture

Storage shelves and other storage furniture will help you put your things in order. This will ensure maximum use of your things and keep you from overspending on things you already own. Use storage shelves of different kinds to keep your things off the ground. Storage furniture like crates, draws, racks, etc. can be used to maintain a classy vibe while storing your stuff. Storage shelves can be added to your wardrobe, hung on walls, placed on tables, and can be adjusted pretty much anywhere. Adding organizers into organizers is also a great option. If you buy a chest of draws, use tiny organizing containers to make sure things inside the storage furniture aren’t messy.

Define a limit

Use your storage furniture as a limit definer. If all your stuff has occupied all the storage space, you’ll know you can’t buy more. If you buy something new, make it a habit to get rid of something old.

Following our advice will make de-cluttering a very pleasant experience for you.