Elfa FAQ - Complete Storage Solutions
Elfa FAQ - Complete Storage Solutions
Elfa FAQ - Complete Storage Solutions

Quick Help and Elfa FAQs

Loads & Weights

There are a number of factors that will determine the weight capacity. It can depend on the type of system you use and what it is mounted to. Click here for our Weights & Loads leaflet for further details

Installation / Assembly

Elfa is a DIY concept, and most of our products only need to be clicked or pressed into place. The Elfa system has been specifically designed to be simple to install and fit. We recommend clicking here for our Elfa Assembly Resources Page

We do not arrange installation or assembly ourselves. There are many reputable companies who can provide this service though and we can suggest www.install2u.com.au as one that you may want to try, as they are able to assemble the majority of the product range we have & service a large portion of the country.


Elfa FAQ - Complete Storage Solutions

Wall hang and Wallbands

We recommend max. 90 cm. See our Loads & Weight leaflet for more information.

It is primarily greater flexibility and simpler installation. See our Product List for more information

For installation on plasterboard walls or other types of boards, and when installing on hollow walls.

Not necessarily, but it does mean that the shelve system can bear more weight. Remember to use the right screws and plugs for the type of wall.

If you do, we recommend using either closet rod or wire shelves in the actual corner of the storage solution, to ensure the best and most practical usage.

The maximum load for a hook on a Door and Wall rack is 4 kg spread. We recommend no more than 6 baskets per door.


No. Elfa test their wire drawers at their own test centre to be able to guarantee flawless use for at least 10 years. The test simulates 10 years of use for all parts, especially the slide function.

Certainly! There are several possible combinations. When you combine two frames with ten tracks, we recommend checking that they are firmly mounted, and avoid putting too much in the upper drawers.

For safety reasons, it is recommended that you do not.

Compatability & Maintenance

Some products from Elfa competitors may be compatible, but we cannot guarantee the function of the storage solutions if they contain components from other manufacturers.

Most products go together with the current range, but there can be some exceptions, e.g. the wheel for the drawer frame.

Mirror cleaning tips
Use window cleaner first if you have dirt or splashes on your mirror. If this does not help, use a razor blade
or “Svinto” steel wool. (NB: steel wool only, not Scotch Brite or similar). The glass will not be scratched by either
a razor blade or steel wool.

Cleaning tips for painted surfaces
Clean with a mild, household detergent. NEVER use scouring cream or powder, steel wool or
similar products containing abrasives or ammonia.

Cleaning tips for varnished wood surfaces
Veneer and solid wood surfaces are porous to a certain degree. Use water sparingly when cleaning. Use a
damp cloth and dry off with a well-wrung cloth. The same detergents used for painted surfaces are recommended. Never
use thinners to remove spots.

Cleaning tips for laminated and melamine surfaces
Clean with a mild, household detergent as recommended for painted and varnished surfaces.
Substances that can cause miscolouring or corrosion damage (iodine, hydrogen peroxide, ink, mineral acids etc.), should
be avoided.

Cleaning tips for drawers and interior fittings
After cleaning with a suitable synthetic cleaning product, wipe off with a damp cloth to avoid static electricity.
Crystal oil, acetone and similar substances should not be used, as they can damage plastic parts.

Cleaning tips for oiled surfaces
Oiled surfaces must not be maintained with oil. Clean with a damp cloth (with a little detergent added if necessary),
dry well.

Cleaning tips for profiles and tracks
Wipe profiles and the front with a damp cloth when necessary. Vacuum floor track regularly for
optimum performance.