How to maximise space & organise your bedroom

The bedroom is often the quickest room to get messy!

Whether it’s the clothes, the shoes, the make up on the cupboards, or just the random “stuff” that gathers day by day, there are plenty of ways it can get disorganised. Don’t despair though, there are options to help neaten the room and keep it clean and inviting!

Storage is key, and having a home set for everything goes a long way. Below are just a few great ideas that will help sort this messy dilemma.

Shoe Storage boxes / Cabinets – 

Creating a home for these is critical to keeping your floor clear! Shoe storage boxes are popular to have in the bottom of your wardrobe, especially if you are like me and have plenty of pairs. There are a number of different types of shoe racks you can get to put in there. They also make it easy to locate that right pair to match your outfit quickly. In saying that, even a simple storage box keeps them from being spread across the room.

Another great option is a shoe storage cabinet at the entry of your house. That way you can kick of the shoes upon arriving home and put them straight away. You can pick up one that fits the design of your space, meaning it looks good & stays practical. Keep the shoes you wear regularly in there, and a rack in your wardrobe for ALL those other pairs…. (also means you don’t need to part with any 🙂 )

Bedside Storage Tables –

It might seem a pretty obvious one, but changing from a stand alone table, to one that has drawers immediately makes a home for the random things that make its way into your bedroom. A tip though, always best to do a clean out every few months and get rid of anything you no longer NEED! Otherwise it fills up and you go back to putting this stuff on the top of your table. There are plenty of great designs for bedside tables that can enhance the look of your bedroom, and be a big help to keeping it clean!

Under-bed storage – 

A fantastic space that can store plenty for you. It could be as basic as some storage boxes that are slid under your bed, or you can get beds that have storage spaces built-in, my favourite! There are options for pull out drawers in them or the gas-lift bed option which provides much more space. These beds can be great for storing bulky items (luggage sets, seasonal clothing in vacuum bags or boxes) and many more.

Storage Ottomans – 

I love these, because they not only make the room look great, they are really practical. How about using it to throw your “floordrobe” clothes in there and keeping the floor clean?

Jewellery Cabinets – 

These are a great way to keep the tops of your tables clean. Some options can be wall mounted and include a mirror, so your jewellery is tucked away. This helps in keeping the neat & tidy theme in your bedroom!

Wardrobe Shelving & Hooks – 

Organising your wardrobe space will make a huge difference to how easy it is to keep your room clean. Taking the time to organise a home for your gear solves half the problem. Setting up shelves, rails, hooks, boxes and drawers within for your Clothes, Hats, Bags and more will keep it neat, tidy (and easy to find!). If you have the space and the budget you can also get customised options to suit your area, though even a few carefully selected items can be more than enough too.

It really can be simple to keep your bedroom organised & clean. With just a little planning and a few great storage products you can maintain the room easily and also enhance the overall look.

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