Make cleaning for Kids FUN!

“Kids can be messy” makes it sound like an understatement! Kids are the most disorganized group on the planet, but can you blame them? They don’t know any better and that is exactly why they do the things they do. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get them to keep it clean though!!

Here are a few ways that may help you get them “on the job”:

Involve your kids from the start:

Kids are a bundle of energy and while it may not seem obvious, they really would like to be involved in the cleaning and re-organization of their own room – if it is fun! So it is very important that you work with them and not around them. This is key in ensuring that the room stays organized subsequently, this also instills a sense of responsibility into your child or children.

Take a tour of the room:

While this is not to be a reprimanding or a talking down, you should first take a tour of the room and establish the tone and tempo of the room. Ask questions before you start decluttering, you should know the clothing items your children like the most, the ones they don’t really care about. This can go on to form the basis of the items you would clean out and the items you would keep on.

Utilize storage space:

You really don’t want clothing items flying around which is why you should utilize storage space to the maximum. If your child’s bedroom does not have any wall hanger of its own, you can do well to buy one right here. You should also get one of our storage cubes – a versatile, all round storage facility that comfortably houses your children cloth as well as shoes and other valuables. A shoe rack will come in just handy to keep the shoes from straying all over the bedroom.

Take stock:

You may want to, along with your children take stock of the bedroom after organizing it. Write down or draw a plan of what you placed where, if you had left your son’s favorite sweater in the top drawer of the cube, you should write it down. Pen down other items and identify where each is. This places your children in check and they can return things back to where they picked it from. This kind of list or drawing should be pasted on an easily accessible wall.

Play games while you are at it:

Fun should not be isolated from organizing with your kids, you could create a fun wallpaper that you can hang on your children cube and wardrobe. You can create boundaries with decorative papers that creates beautiful memories, this belies the idea of organization as well as increasing your child’s creativity.

Get the best of storage spaces for your kids bedroom, not only will it give them the best of organization. It will also instill in them responsible leadership while improving team dynamics.Mak