Now it’s time to organise the Kids Bedroom..

by Lisa O’Neill, Lead Designer of Lisa Wilkin Interiors – based in the Southern Highlands NSW

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You’ve started off with the Kid’s playroom solutions, a way to keep all their toys in homes out of sight so let’s take a look at their bedrooms.

How you use your child’s bedroom is a really personal thing, for a long time I disliked having toys in their rooms. I preferred it to be a space that they could come and reset, a place that was quiet for them and that when it came to getting the kids into bed, they weren’t distracted by toys. But then I realised, with really smart storage solutions, this really wasn’t even a problem because the kids actually wanted to help put their toys away and understood the difference between quiet and free play.

So the choices I then made, were really simple.. How can I keep their toys hidden but keep their room fun and bring in their own interests? It all came down to planning out the spaces with a really great layout and maximising storage.

The wardrobe is always the starting point. By creating a solid system in here, like the Elfa System customised to suit your needs and available space, you can maximise the entire wardrobe cavity. Consider hanging and smart shelving at different heights so the kids are able to access what is on the shelves as they get older. By doing this, you can then store things, like toys and books, even shoes here that they can reach themselves.

Smart choices in bedroom furniture will also go a long way. The bed should always be the next big consideration. Choose a bed high enough that you can have storage boxes for underneath. Or you could opt for a bed with draw storage underneath it or even consider bed heads that have a handy bookshelf in it for special keepsakes and books to read before bed. The options are endless and each solution comes in a range of trends to be sure to suit the style of the room.

Drawers.. Does the room really need them? Do you need a small bedside table for the room? Or can you just get a larger dresser? Does the room have space for both? If the answer is no, then always opt for a dresser rather than a bedside table A tall boy can be handy as you will be able to maximise the vertical space rather than taking away from the footprint of the room. Whatever dresser you end up choosing can always be placed next to the bed in case you need to sit a monitor or night light on. Keep trinkets and special keepsakes on the dresser and make this a fun space for the room, a display if you will.

If the room allows and you want to have some of the child’s toys in here, consider the smart storage solutions from the playroom and incorporate them here. A toy box with a lid will hide the mess and act as a seat for the child to sit at to get dressed or even to snuggle up and read a book on. Storage cube displays are also handy because as they get older they can be switched up to a bookcase or a display cabinet for trophies and memorabilia.

Shelves are also another great idea to maximise the vertical space. These can be high enough to sit art or photo frames on or low enough that you can use these as book runners to keep their favourite books on. This just adds another layer to the overall design of the room and can really bring the room to trend. Layer these up with different elements, a little faux greenery and you’ll change the whole feel of the space.

An array of different sized storage tubs will always be the key to organisation. Keep as much as possible contained to avoid everything being cluttered. By having different sized containers you will ensure that whatever you need can be neatly stacked and stored to easily access later.

By considering how you would like the room to be used for a child and how ideally you’d like to use the room for a teenager, you can really invest in some smart storage solutions that can transition you through. Buying quality in key pieces will ensure the longevity of the piece. Selecting neutral colours and timbers will allow the space to be transformed with ease, changing up accessories and bedding will be enough to help change the space without having to go out and buy key furniture again.

The possibilities for how a child will use their room is endless, but thoughtful consideration will ensure the space is a success for years to come.