Elfa Components Best Price

Find a large range of components and Elfa parts, that can be used in your Elfa storage solution. Whether you are creating the perfect wardrobe, a well organised laundry space or even a garage setup to be envious of, these components and accessories are a must!

There are so many options to customise your Elfa storage solution by adding some of the many components available. You can add additional baskets, drawers, shelves, hooks, boards, bags and more, to get everything well organised and stored neatly.

Elfa Wall Bands & Tracks

The base for your Elfa shelving solution to come to life! Measure up your space and select the right width track and the correct height wall bands. You can cut them to the correct measurement though, so don’t be stressed. Select from either the white or platinum option based on the look you want for your space.

Elfa Baskets & Drawers

Baskets & Drawers are a popular choice of Elfa components in a design. Being able to create spaces for each of your different items is made easy with them. There are a couple of different sizes to select from and you can set up your system with as many or as little as you desire.

Elfa Brackets

The brackets help mount on the various items such as the baskets, drawers and shelves. They are easy to install, just slip them straight into the wallband, they can hold good weight and easy to move around if needed.

Elfa Shelving

The shelves are also a great addition to a solution, and one of the very handy Elfa components. They can be added in at any height by using the brackets into the wallbands and attaching the shelves into the system.

Huge range of Elfa Components

There are a lot more components to discover, such as accessories and frames. Explore the range here!

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