Elfa Package Kits

Have a room that you want to get organised by using the wall space effectively? Check out our Elfa Package Kits pre-designed to make it easy. Choose the room you are looking to organise and take a look to see if they are just what you need. These also help provide inspiration so you can customise your own setup to the size and style you need.

The Elfa range of products is a very versatile storage solution that can give you just the space you need. They are good quality and available for any room of your home, whether you have a small corner, or a large room to organise, these packages are great to take advantage of the vertical wall space available.

Bedroom Kits

Get an Elfa Package kit for your bedroom and enjoy a well laid out wardrobe! There are a number of package kits of different sizes to suit different rooms, or you can design your own

Laundry Kits

Need hanging space in your laundry? Or drawers to pack away everything neatly. A laundry kit can change the way your laundry looks whilst being very functional

Garage Kits

It is common that the garage is the messiest space in a home. Using an Elfa package kit to organise it and create space on the wall is a game-changer! Measure up your space and create your own if one of the pre-designed Elfa kits doesn’t suit.

On Door Kits

Utilising the back of a door for some extra space is an awesome storage hack. Whether for your bedroom, pantry or bathroom, there is almost always the need to store a few more things. Using an On Door Kit can keep those bottles stored away and easily accessible when needed.

Elfa Package Kits creating space since 1948

Backed by a 10 year warranty, you can feel comfortable that Elfa is just the right solution for you. Browse the range and make your selection, and remember, if there isn’t a kit that is perfect for you, create your own with the Elfa planning tool

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