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Cheapest Elfa Add On Packages

Already have Elfa racking setup but need a bit more? Check out these add on packages you can use to enhance your setup

Get the most out of your Elfa Shelving System with Elfa Add On Packages! These kits are designed to either enhance an existing Elfa system or add to a new one you’re creating. With a variety of options, including drawers, baskets, and shelves, you can customise your storage to meet your specific needs. Our Elfa Add On Packages come in platinum or white finishes and can be delivered to your home for free.

Organise any space in your home with ease by adding an Elfa package to your storage solution. With Elfa, you can create a unique and functional storage system that works best for you. Whether you need additional storage in your closet, pantry, or garage, Elfa Add On Packages have got you covered. So why wait? Start customising your Elfa Shelving System today with our Add On Packages!

Remember, these packages are only compatible with Elfa systems, so be sure to check that you have an Elfa system before making your purchase. Don’t have an Elfa system yet? No problem! Check out our Elfa Shelving System options to get you started.


Elfa Add on packages

Elfa ‘Abby’ Add on Pack

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