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Seymour’s is an Australian-based homeware and lifestyle brand that specialises in designing and manufacturing high-quality, functional and stylish products for the home. The company offers a wide range of products across various categories, including kitchenware, storage solutions, textiles, and decor.

One of Seymour’s key product ranges is the Collapse-A range which Complete Storage Solutions offer a selected range from. These options are a variety of collapsible and space-saving solutions for the home.

The range includes products such as:

Collapsible storage boxes: These boxes are made from durable and lightweight materials and can be easily collapsed down when not in use for convenient storage.
Collapsible washing baskets: These baskets are designed to fold down flat, making them ideal for small apartments or homes with limited storage space.
Collapsible food containers: These containers are made from high-quality silicone and can be collapsed down to a fraction of their size for easy storage.
Collapsible dish drainers: These drainers feature a space-saving design that allows them to be easily stored away when not in use.

In addition to the Collapse-A range, Seymour’s offers a wide range of products that are designed to be both functional and stylish, with a focus on quality materials and craftsmanship. The brand is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials wherever possible. Overall, Seymour’s, and the Collapse-A range, are a trusted and reputable brand in the homeware market, known for its high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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