Top Rated Entry / Hallway Storage Solutions

The Entry / Hallway is often the first impression we get inside our home, and having storage to keep it tidy it important! Whether it is coming home after a long day or ready to depart first thing in the morning, you can definitely set a good tone for the rest of your day.

Creating a well presented, inviting and practical zone is easily achievable. Furthermore, it can be done without spending too much as well!

Our range of storage options for this area can create the perfect balance between style & practicality. Let’s explore the options a little more

Entryway Benches

These are a great option to put in your Entry / Hallway, as this is often the place you put on, or take off, your shoes. Having a designated spot for both your guests and fellow housemates keeps things orderly in this space. A number of benches also include storage underneath, or hooks above, to assist in maintaining a well presented room.

Shoe Storage

Providing a home for shoes is a great way to organise your Entry / Hallway with storage. There are a number of different options to consider, from shoe storage benches and cabinets, to wall mounted racks. Having somewhere to keep the shoes out of sight works well in keeping your front area organised.

Console Tables

Do you like to dump everything the moment you step inside your home? It is such a common thing to do! Creating storage solutions where everything has a home encourages you and your fellow housemates to put items straight into their places. A console table is a good idea as it’s a place you can put your sunglasses, keys, wallets or purses. You can dress a console table up with some nice decorative homewares as well, to add a great look with its practicality.

Many options to consider

Following on from those Entry / Hallway storage solutions, you could also look at our other ideas. Cabinets, Clothes stands and wall shelving options for example, can all add something to this high traffic zone in your home.

Whether you are in the main CBD’s of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth or Canberra, or outside we deliver Australia wide to most locations.

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