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Cabinets for your Entry / Hallway

Keeping bits and bobs out of your hallway can make your home look less chaotic. Making the hallway neat is essential since it is the first place most people see when they enter your house. However, many overlook this area and underutilised its potential storage space. Maximise your foyer by adding hallway storage cabinets to help clutter it up and give it a more welcoming feel.

When you decide to add a hallway cabinet, see to it that you still leave enough room for people to get past comfortably. If you have an open-plan hallway, then you might be able to fit a free-standing storage cupboard in there. This could be used to keep shoes and coats – anything else that might otherwise clutter up your hallway.

Keep the clutter away with Complete Storage Solutions hallway cabinets

Complete Storage Solutions can save you from constantly clearing up this space when guests arrive by using drawer storage cabinets, open shelves display cabinets and more. We have a wide range of cabinet systems that can fit your home’s style and needs.

  • Book cabinets — Books can look cluttered if not arranged well. So, put them together in a hallway cabinet, whether it’s an open shelf or a divider. They look great as added decor to your space when organised nicely.
  • Slim narrow shelves — Small hallway? No problem. You can slip in a slim narrow shelf with a combination of shelves and doors. This way, you can hide things that may look cluttered and display some items on the shelves.
  • Ladder shelves — If you just want to bring more life to your hallway, a ladder shelf is a good option since this is perfect for aesthetic purposes. Of course, you can also add books here and tiny boxes that may contain some of your belongings.
  • Cabinet divider — You can create a distinction between two areas by adding a cabinet divider without putting up a wall. Aside from dividing a space, it also provides storage.
  • Drawer cabinet — Keep your things hidden in drawer cabinets. This comes in various sizes and designs. You can opt for tall slim cabinets or long slim ones for small hallways.

Ways to choose the right cabinet

When choosing a cabinet, there are many factors to consider. The first is the size of your room and the available space. You may want an extra-large cabinet for big spaces or a small slim, open shelf if space is limited.

Next, consider colour, style, and price tag. Some cabinets cost more than others but provide better quality construction than cheaper alternatives. If money is tight, but you still want something beautiful in your home, go for white cabinets instead! Finally, decide on what type of storage system works best for you!

Utilise your hallway space with Complete Storage Solutions

Complete Storage Solutions hallway cabinets come in multiple sizes and are available in a variety of wood finishes & glass panes. Our designer collections feature classic, contemporary and transitional styles. There are also modular units that can be arranged in a plethora of different configurations without tools!

We ensure that you have plenty of hallway storage cabinets to choose from for the entryway or hallway — a common space challenge for many homeowners. Browse our huge selection of stylish and functional cabinets that can add value to your home. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you exactly need.

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