Setting up an inviting & practical entryway to your home

The KEY to A great Entry & Hallway!! 

When it comes to your entryway, they are the first impression people get of your home. This makes it just that bit more crucial to getting this area right! The key is balancing the practicality of the space, whilst also keeping it within the design and framing of the rest of your home. Remember, this is also one of the most utilised rooms in your house, with people walking through very regularly. It also has a risk of getting messy, as we get home, kick off the shoes, rip off our jackets, put down the handbags & empty our pockets of keys, wallets & phones! This really highlights the importance of designing the space with practicality in mind. Consider options that setup “homes” for these items. Storage units that include shoe cabinets are a fantastic idea, they look great and encourage the household to put those shoes away!! Other pieces such as coat racks, side tables with drawers & wall shelves can add to the look & feel, as well as being very useful. Adding in some nice wall art, like paintings or photos can help finish off the room too. A well planned entryway can really compliment the rest of your home, don’t   Check out our range specifically for your entry / hallway area Follow us on facebook to keep informed on updates and more inspiration!