Smart Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

Smart Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of, if not, the busiest rooms of a home. And it is especially tough to keep a small size kitchen from getting cluttered. They can be hard to organize as well. Here are some really smart storage ideas to maximise your kitchen storage and space.

Open / Floating Shelves:

Open shelves are quite a hot trend right now. Plus, they use cramped spaces to their advantage. Open cabinets and shelves offer a lot of storage and your everyday items such as pots and pans are within easy reach.

Use all available space:

One of the best ways to find more kitchen space is to use all of the spare shelf space. For example, using small racking within your pantry. It is a smart way to take advantage of dead space between each shelf, if the items you put on them are much smaller.

Make Use of Vertical Space:

The cabinet, drawer, and storage shelves are limited in small kitchens. So, it is best to utilize any free vertical space. As an example, you can use our Smart Fridge Storage Organizer to hold the larger kitchen utensils that take up a lot of your drawer space. Have a look at our range!

Clear Food Storage:

Use clear food containers as they are great for small kitchens. They work great as you can visually identify them at a glance. You don’t have to waste time in rummaging through jar after jar in cramped cabinets. Try putting a label on the container to make it easier!

Increase the Existing Kitchen Storage:

If you are tight on budget, then you can try improving and increasing your existing kitchen storage. Try adding dowel rods to your cabinet and storage shelves so you can make plate holders and use more space. Using our variety of shelves and drawers, your pantry will have a space for everything.

Get a Rail:

Here is a simple tip. Install a stainless steel rail from which you could hang the everyday use mugs, pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils. You can also use them to hang oven mitts and dishtowels. They can make your kitchen look great too!

Safe Bottle Stash:

Curved cradles in an ordinary pantry or fridge shelf can turn into a great beverage storage and let you store wine, beer, and soda bottles on their side. Wine racks are great to store the most important drink in the house!

Easy Grab Spices:

Spices should be close to your cooking area. Try our Spice Storage Clips for easy grab-and-add of spices to your meals. They excellently use the vertical space and save you from searching for jars among many jars!

Grab a Super Pantry:

Use Complete Storage Solutions Pantry Cupboard for your all-in-one cabinet and pantry solution. The shelves are deep and have a lot of space so you can store a lot of stuff. This way, you can find everything you need and store anything you want in a very convenient space that happens to be a very small fraction of a regular-sized pantry.

Try these amazing tips and our great storage products and let us know how you increased your kitchen storage.

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