Using Innovative Shelving Systems to Create Space!

by Lisa O’Neill, Lead Designer of Lisa Wilkin Interiors – based in the Southern Highlands NSW

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When it comes to bedroom storage, the old wardrobe has come a long way in terms of design and function. Long gone are the days of the big, heavy 2 door wardrobes and we’ve welcomed the modern solutions which have allowed us to be totally customisable in whatever space we have.

So it’s exciting to see products in the market meeting the ever changing needs of the modern family. The Elfa System is without a doubt, one of the most efficient storage solutions in the market. The Elfa System allows you to completely tailor your wardrobe space to suit your needs, the configuration possibilities are endless.

By sizing up your current wardrobe, you can find a solution that can meet not only your budget, but your design brief. Sketch out the area you have to work with and measure the length and width of each wall, don’t forget the ceiling height. From there, you can then start looking at what items are your must haves. Hanging space for dresses and coats, hanging space for jeans and shirts, draws for belts, shelves for shoes. Once you have a rough idea of what you need, you can start planning out how the layout should function.

Each Elfa kit will list the specifications of their sizes on the Complete Storage System website, so use this as your guide as to how much you can fit in. The easiest way to sketch this up is by using the planning tool here and popping all of your wardrobe measurements into the planning software and see the system come to life. It will give you a really clear image of what the end product will be and allow you to maximise the space you have. From there it is as easy as sending the list of requirements from your design on to the Complete Storage Solutions team info@completestoragesolutions who will get it all prepared for you!

If you have high ceilings, make use of this. Run as much as possible up to the ceiling. The top is always great for extra shelves for storage. By adding storage boxes to keep these items concealed will also help finish off the styling of the wardrobe. The top is always great for hats and things that don’t need to be pulled down frequently. Out of season clothes can be kept up there too to free up space if your wardrobe space is limited.

Don’t forget to take into account any door jams and frames that the wardrobe may already have if you are working in the confines of a built in wardrobe. Make sure you add these to the plan, so you aren’t left with any issues when fitting.

Once you have the layout organised, you can then look at the finishes you’d like these to have. White or Platinum are the system colours currently available, but they come with a range of different handle options to suit.

Elfa is a system that can be installed easily, with step by step instructions for each kit. It is the perfect weekend project.

The beauty in buying a system like Elfa, is that it really is made for your needs. By having an organised wardrobe, your bedroom can become clutter free. The Elfa system is beautifully simplistic and doesn’t need to be hidden behind built in robe or walk in robe doors. It is a piece that can become a statement with really beautiful lines and design. By carefully considering how you will use the space and making the most of what space you have, you can be sure that this will be an investment that will last you forever.